DS 416 W power circuit breaker

SKU: WyłZwaDS416W


Automatic circuit breaker DS416W, air circuit breaker designed to combine operating currents and to protect consumers and power equipment from the effects of short circuits and overloads.It can be used in networks up to 660V AC in which the calculated values of short-circuit currents do not exceed those given in the table.It is equipped with electronic overcurrent triggers having 2 to 4 members in various combinations.Each has a multiple manual drive,2 auxiliary switches,interlocking of the opening button,mechanical indicators of the state of the circuit breaker, spring reinforcement, position in the base.In addition, it can have a motor drive, voltage tripping, electric closing, earth fault protection and various interlocks.

Number of poles 3
Rated switching voltage Ue for 660V,50/60Hz
Rated continuous current Ith(A)35oC 1600
Rated short-circuit current Icu (at 500V)kA 50
Rated insulation voltage Ui 660