Timer relay RTx151, RTx152, RTx153, RTx154

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Technical parameters:
Supply voltage Un: (options) 12 V DC, 24-48, 60-100, 110/127, 220/230 V AC/DC 230 V AC for RTx-152 and 154 with transformer power supply
Permissible supply voltage variations: 0.8-1.1 Un
Frequency: 50 / 60 Hz
Time range: 0.01 s-100 h in eight sub-ranges: (0.01s-0.1s); 0.1-1s;1-10s;10-100s;1-10min;10-100min;1-10h
Setting accuracy: ± 5% of the final range value
Recovery time: less than 0.1 s
Switching capacity – switching 5 A
Switching capacity – switching 5 A (220 V AC, cos 0.4)
Switching capacity – permanently 5 A
Spread 1% + 10 ms
Sockets – G11, G11B, GS11B, GL11B

(A) delayed switching
(B) switching on for a preset time
(C) cyclic operation (start from delayed switch-on)
(D) cyclic operation (start from switching on for a preset time)
RESET and STOP control inputs for resetting or stopping the measured time (RTx-152, RTx-154)
Multi-range: 1 of 8 time ranges (from 0.01 s to 100 h)
Analog time setting
Five versions with supply voltages from 12 V to 230 V