Relay RU400

SKU: PrzRU400


RU400 relay is an industrial electromagnetic relay for general use.
RU-400 relays are designed for mounting on the board (using 2 M4 screws).
Application: for use in electric power protection circuits as intermediate and signaling members in the activation of downstream control and signaling circuits.

The relays are offered in versions:
RU400 – basic design relay
RUw400 – relay equipped with optical trip indicator self-cancelling
RUs400 – relay equipped with a manually reset optical trip indicator
RUo400 – relay with lowered return

Number of contacts 2P,3P,4P
Rated load current AC1(400V) 5A
Control coil voltages 6-380V50Hz

12-220V DC

Maximum switching current 10A
Rated insulation voltage 400V AC