Power fuse NH00/00C 32A,35A,40A


NH power fuses in size 00/00C gL/gG characteristics for currents from 4A to 1600A. Characteristics of aM/gM,gR/aR,gTr also available.

NH-Fuses of the EUROFUSE® type perform the following functions:

– Protection of installations, cables against overload and short-circuit (phase and ground)
– Protection of persons and animals from dangerous touch and step voltages
(5 second – current; and also 5 times the rated current)
– Selective separation of defective parts of the installation
– Protection of electrical apparatus (short circuit protection: contactors, circuit breakers or busbar systems)
– Safe disconnection 50kA – 120kA – 200kA (with current limitation)
– High reliability of energy supply to customers, optimal use of lines and apparatus – insensitivity to electromagnetic influence
– Redundancy of the service
– Harmlessness to the environment (no hazardous raw materials, trouble-free disposal)