Isolating switch disconnector DMV-400N/3


Eaton’s Dumeco DMV, DCM and DMM isolation disconnects are the ideal solution for industrial switchboards and panels. These switches provide unrivaled machine safety, isolation and control, preventing short circuits. Their high performance, quality and durability make them ideal insulators for energy distribution. They are available in 690 V AC up to 3150 Amps.

Dumeco 3P, 400A isolation switch disconnector, DMV400N/3. DMV isolating switch disconnectors with visible gap, without drive lever and axis extension DMV250N/3
It comes with a set of mounting screws.

  • Maximum rated operating voltage Ue AC
    690 V
  • Rated continuous current Iu
    400 A
  • Rated continuous current for AC-21, 400 V
    400 A
  • Rated short-circuit withstand current Icw
    12 kA
  • Switching capacity at 400 V