Contactor KM200 DW

SKU: StyKM200 DW


Electromagnetic contactors KM- 200DW are designed to remotely switch on and off electrical consumers in DC circuits with voltage up to 30V.

Uzn = 30 V DC
Uster = 27 V DC
current consumption of the coil in the on state – max 0.5A

Tripping current in the circuit of the switching winding and auxiliary contact at a time constant-max 5A t=0.015s
operation mode: continuous
contact circuit current -200A

temperature from -60°C to +50°C
durability 5000 connections at 4xIn
15,000 connections at In
Working at altitudes up to 20000 meters above sea level.
weight – 0.3kg
Operation in DC electrical circuits up to 30V