Contact for SU4 movable normally open



SU-type contactors are open contactors equipped with an electromagnetic drive with forcing switch ŁP-5 and a slotted arc chamber with electromagnetic blowing. SU contactor is equipped with auxiliary switch ŁP-4. The reciprocal location of the drive and contact systems allows a minimum mounting area, while the placement of the pivot point of the jumper in the axis of opening of the main contacts, gives complete symmetry to the kinematics of the contactor, so the possibility of combinations of normally open and normally closed main contact systems is obtained.

Spare parts for SU contactors:
– For SU0/1 contactor:
– Fixed contact to SU-0/1 (fixed contact to SU-0/1)
– NO moving contact for SU-0/1
– NC movable contact for SU-0/1
– arch chamber for SU-0/1
– traction arc chamber for SU-0/1
– prone connection to SU-0/1
– For SU2/3 contactor:
– Fixed contact to SU-2/3 (fixed contact to SU-2/3)
– NO moving contact for SU-2/3
– NC movable contact for SU-2/3
– arc chamber for SU-2/3
– traction arc chamber for SU-2/3
– prone connection to SU-2/3
– For SU4 contactor:
– Fixed contact to SU-4 (fixed contact to SU-4)
– NO moving contact for SU-4
– NC movable contact for SU-4
– arc chamber for SU-4
– traction arc chamber for SU-4
– prone connection to SU-4
– For SU5 contactor:
– Fixed contact to SU-5 (fixed contact to SU-5)
– NO moving contact for SU-5
– NC movable contact for SU-5
– arc chamber for SU-5
– traction arc chamber for SU-5
– prone connection to SU-5
– For SU6 contactor:
– Fixed contact to SU-6 (fixed contact to SU-6)
– NO moving contact for SU-6
– NC moving contact for SU-6
– arc chamber for SU-6
– traction arc chamber for SU-4
– prone connection to SU-4
and to all contactors equally:
– auxiliary switch ŁP-4
– forcing connector ŁP-5