Collector DZ-100, DZ-160, DZ-250

SKU: OdbDZ100DZ160DZ250


Current collectors for overhead cranes are used to maintain a continuous electrical connection between the power supply cable and the electrical apparatus of the lifting device intended for movement.
The large zinc shoe collectors are available in three shoe sizes.

Technical data

Collector DZ100 DZ160 DZ250
Rated insulation voltage 1kV 1kV 1kV
Max speed. 2m/s 2m/s 2m/s
Rated current in intermittent operation 100A 160A 250A
Slide rated excursion 190mm 190mm 190mm
Slide dimension 80mm 100mm 140mm
Weight of collector with zinc slide 2,00kg±10% 2,60kg±10% 4,00kg±10%