SKU: LC1F150



F series contactors manufactured under the Telemecanique brand are sold by Schneider Electric. They constitute the basic group of contactors for the TeSys system of motor control and protection. F series contactors are used to control motors from 55kW to 450kW in the 115…800A at 400V in the AC-3 usage category. Control circuits: alternating current or direct current.

Technical data

Power kw 75 kW (AC3)
Main tracks 3 NO
Iemax current 150A (AC3)

Available voltages

catalog number description of voltage(U)
LC1F150B5 24V 50/60Hz
LC1F150BD 24V DC
LC1F150D7 42V 50/60Hz
LC1F150E7 48V 50/60Hz
LC1F150ED 48V DC
LC1F150F7 110V 50/60Hz
LC1F150FD 110V 50/60Hz
LC1F150M7 220V 50/60Hz
LC1F150MD 220V DC
LC1F150P7 230V 50/60Hz
LC1F150Q5 380V 50/60Hz
LC1F150S7 500V 50/60Hz