Contactor SU240, SU340, SU222, SU320

SKU: SU240, SU340, SU222, SU322


The SU-320 DC contactor with a rated current of 160A and coil voltage of 220V DC is a universal 2-pole 2NO contactor for shunting operation in DC and AC networks, for controlling motors, especially under reversing operation conditions with heavy starting and counter-current braking. Each contactor in the basic version is equipped with an auxiliary switch LP-4 with auxiliary contacts 2z+2r. SU series contactors are designed for use in traction, crane, marine vessel and automation systems. SU contactors are currently manufactured under the registered trademark ZAKŁAD APARATÓW ELKTRYCZNYCH APENA®.

SU-240/SU-340 SU-222/SU-320
DC3 power U=110V 7/11 kW 7/11kW
DC3 power U=220V 13/21 kW 13/21kW
Main tracks 4 NO 2NO+2NC
Auxiliary contacts 2NO+2NC 2NO+2NC
Ith rated current (A) 100/160 100/160
Control voltages(min/max) 24/220VDC 24/220VDC

Traction designs available.